Feb 9, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Measuring Spoons Set

Hi all, today I want to show you my new work, Mixed Media Altered measuring spoons set !

I have always love the measuring spoons and I kind of bought a few sets just because they are cute or cool. Never for cooking lol

So here the main part is using Finnabair's latest Plaster Paste to make parts with the new Prima mould. I have tried a few times and wasnt able to get a full piece but I think the cracking and separate parts are actually pretty cool. I simply use an expired credit card to put a generous amount of plaster paste into the mould , then wait. If you waited for a few days the parts will be hard as rock but only one day wait, the parts will be a bit soft and able to bend a little bit for shaping.

Finn's new paper paste is definitely one of my fav texture pastes in the history ! cos it is very flexible for you to make shapes or build up.
The small spoon on the left hand side of the below photo , you can see a textured shape, it was made with 100% paper paste, you only need to use your palette knife to tweak the shape until you are happy with it .

Coloring for the four spoons of course is with the new three rust sets. There are nine colors which make blending and experimenting so FUN !

I hope you like this project. and maybe try out the paper and plaster paste !!

Feb 8, 2018

Jungle Drawer with Andy Skinner

Hello all, today I am on Andy Skinner blog to show you an altered drawer using the new Andy Skinner kit manufactured by Tando Creative, Compendium.

This gorgeous and very versatile kit will soon be in store. Stay tuned at Tando !

I used the biggest gear from the kit to create the main focal point of this piece. One of the greatest things of Tando 's greyboard is that, they are thick enough but also very flexible. I only needed to spray a little bit water and then it bent easily to fit the shape of the drawer.

There are many different shapes of parts in different details of the kit. I kept most of them as they are. I enjoyed using the negative part of the kit (the left over after you cut the parts out from the kit) as the background, and also a few here and there adding to the whole build up.

After putting DecoArt Media Texture Sand Paste on random areas of the whole piece, I coloured the piece using the colours listed below. Remember to use only small amount of paint when putting them on the surface. If you feel it is too heavy, spray with water or lightly pad with tissue and then add more layers until you are happy with it.

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Transparent Yellow iron Oxide
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Vermilion
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Viridian Green Hue 
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Green Gold

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Carbon Black

I used Andy 's new Illusionary Artists stamp set for the name plate.

The crackle is made with DecoArt Weathered Wood.


 Since this is a square shaped box, so basically it can shrift to another direction depend on which way you want to see it.

Please go check the new kits from Tando and also the new stamp sets ! 
Until next time !

Feb 6, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Glove with Lindy's Gang

Hello all, I am very happy to share this project with you guys cos it is one of my best and favorite projects of 2017. It is also the DT application I made especially for Lindy's.

Mixed Media Altered Glove with Lindy's Gang

I always love altering 3D dimensional items instead of just flat surface. So this time I chose a pair of simple gloves and turned it into something really steam punk looking and a bit spooky-ish!

Since the glove is a soft surface that should be able to bend and move (I actually did wear it after finished, please see the last few seconds in the video), so I used layers of thin chipboards to do all the decorations. After prepared the surface with black gesso, I started using copper and purple shades of Lindy’s sprays for coloring.
I also used Lindy’s embossing powder on different area of the glove. I even mixed two types of the embossing powder for a more attractive effect!

On the other hand, I used a trick I discovered, using varnish and Magicals/Magical shaker to create Mars-looking effect. I very much recommend you to watch my tutorial video to see how wonderfully flexible and versatile Magicals are.


Items I used:

Embossing Powder - Gilded Burgundy Brass/Midnight Violet
Spray - Incandescent Copper/Cowabunga Copper/Black Orchid Silver/
Violaceous Violet/French Lilac Violet/Voodoo Violet Blue
Magical – Sidewalk chalk/Cattail copper brown
Magical Shaker –Polka purple

Thank you very much for watching! I hope you like it

Feb 1, 2018

Mixed Media Faux Vintage drawer closet

If you have followed my blog for a while, you may already know that I am a crazy box/drawer lady LOL

The other day I was at the one dollar shop and looking at the wooden piece. I bought them and planned to do a canvas-like project on it. 

Days after, a strange idea popped up and then it led to this vintage faux drawer closet

It is actually very simple. Just added a few same size rectangle wooden blocks on the top of a big wooden piece . To make the drawers, you will need a few smaller pieces to be the support. It is exactly like a real drawer.

I used A LOT of the new Finnabair products in this project. First I decorated with multiple Finnabair Mechanical and no brand keys, then I layered with the plaster paste on random area, then I added the paper paste on the top . The paper paste is very flexible that you can make many texture with your pallette knife or tools.

I put a coat of chalky paint on the top and then I started using the three new set of rusty pastes for the coloring. I didnt use the green tones one.
I used the darkest color first and then build up to the lightest

I especially used A LOT of the dusty paste fm camouflage
I love love love the new rusty sets and gonna have so much fun in the coming projects !

thank you very much for visiting. Please let me know what you think

Jan 29, 2018

Mixed Media Namecard case "My Alchemy"

Since I have been working as an Instructor, I needed name cards.
The more I carry them the more I needed a case.

So this was the perfect chance for me to alter to something really represents me.

I name this "My Alchemy"

Not because that I want to make gold out of it, but I want to make this journey something special, something precious.
Purple + Gold + Black is the perfect formula of my fav colors.

You can see fm the below photos that in different angles, the colors shine different shades . That is the awesome-ness of Lindy's sprays. When you combine few sprays together, you never know how it is gonna blend and mix. That is so much fun to develop and play with the color mixture !!

The items I used are :

Spray -

Magical Shaker - 

Cowabunga Copper  (for the crystal ball like look)

Layers and layers of sprays are put on this surface. Every layers you can see difference and it is up to you where and when to stop.

I tried not to make too heavy texture in this cos I want it to be a bit comfortable when I have to hold it in my hands.

Do you want to make your own Alchemy ?

Jan 23, 2018

Rusty vintage telephone

Hi all, I want to share an altered art project that I made for Andy Skinner's Creative team .

I found a vintage style telephone with a tiny drawer in the new year holiday and I immediately knew that this will be what I work for the first project for Andy.

I painted the whole surface with gesso, clear gesso (for the phone handle) and DecoArt Media crackle paint/Glaze. 

I waited a whole day for the crackle to dry naturally.

then I covered the crackle parts with DecoArt Media Antiquing cream Carbon Black/Raw Umber. After dried, I removed them slightly with a baby wipe. The phone handle itself was covered in brown wooden and the base color looks perfect with the crackles highlighted by the Antiquing cream.

I stamped using Andy's new released Spook Stamp Set by Illusionary Artists and punched it to glue on the phone handle, to indicate the coming call is from the character.

I also used several packs of Andy' stamp from Stampdenous with Staz On opaque white on the surface of the phone.

You can zoom in to the above photo and see the rusty crackles I have made.

after using the Antiquing cream as stated above, I painted with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Pyrrole Red/Raw Sienna/Carbon Black. I used layers and layers of every color and also combined the three colors with different ratio. The key is to paint them a little by little with thin coats and keep doing it until you are satisfied.

After that , on the few points I want to emphasize, I added sands ( can be any sands) to the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics. Remember to use an old brush that is almost ready to throw away cos painting with sands will badly damage your brush. You can also use a palette knife to put them into the surface. 

I sincerely hope you like my rusty telephone with a phone book. Special shout out to Ms Rosemary fm DecoArt.

Jan 10, 2018

Mixed Media Altered Drawer - Stationery store

I have always like anything stationery, I remember when I was a kid, I would go to the tiny stationery stores nearby everyday after school just to stare at all the items, the stamps the envelope and then very happily walk home.

so this is one of my "To-do" projects in my list that I just HAVE to make it.

I got a big drawer box to put on my desk for bits and bites of the stationery for crafty use. On the top of it I altered two miniatures, one is a typewriter and the other is a scale. Both of them has parts that move.

I was inspired my great friend John who is not only a great artist but also great teacher of texture arts. He shows how Blue can be an elegant, classy and royal looking color to make a huge difference to a work.
This mini planner with Fleur de Lis embellishment on it is especially dedicated to him.

I have used these Lindy's colors in my project

Moon Shadow Mist Buccaneer Bay Blue/
Starburst Sprays Bachelor Button Blue/Tainted Love Teal/Screamin' Banshee Black

in this project, we have mini planner, we have three paper files with index, we have string tie envelopes big and small, we also have a receipt book and some tiny packages ready to be sent out after weighing 

"Just and old soul" 

I hope you like this project ! and dont forget to go check out these beautiful blue colors !!

Mixed Media Altered Measuring Spoons Set

Hi all, today I want to show you my new work, Mixed Media Altered measuring spoons set ! I have always love the measuring spoons and I kind...